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Vision Insurance

Annual eye exams, glasses, and contacts? No problem.  With our plans, you’ll like what you see.

Regular eye exams and properly designed glasses or contacts are necessary for your safety and quality of life. And, let’s face it…new glasses or contacts can also boost your style and confidence, too.  Unfortunately, Medicare and most individual insurance plans don’t adequately cover vision care.  Make sure you have a plan that does.

Keep An Eye on Your Health.

Eye strain, eye pain, headaches, balance issues, and falls are all complications of missing or poorly-prescribed eyewear.  If you wear glasses or contacts, you know that regular wear and tear can damage eyewear over time; and, each year, our vision needs may change.  That is why it is important to receive regular eye exams and new eyewear every year.

Check out the sections below to discover how a vision insurance plan can help make your vision care more affordable.

woman using magnifying glass to read because she needs vision insurance to cover glasses or contacts
business woman wearing glasses covered by vision insurance

No waiting period or age restrictions.


You can use your benefits immediately with no waiting period and plans are renewable for life.

Use providers who are in network or out-of-network.

You have the freedom to see the eyecare provider of your choice with lower copays for in-network providers.

woman receiving free eye exam covered by vision insurance
woman reading newspaper using glasses paid for by vision insurance

Get glasses, contacts, or both.

Our plans help you express your unique style.  You may select a plan that covers glasses, contacts, or both.  Plans also include discounts for Lasik eye surgery and other health products.

Ready to discover the right plan for you?

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