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Long Term Care insurance

Be prepared for whatever the future holds with a plan that protects your care options, your finances, and your dignity.

At an average cost of almost $85,000 a year, long-term care expenses can quickly deplete a lifetime of savings. Most people who attempt to pay for their own long-term care costs become dependent on Medicaid within a year or so.  Choose a plan that protects you and everything that you’ve worked for.

A difficult choice just got easier.

While it’s difficult to think about, we know that, in the future, a progressive illness or a sudden event may trigger the need for long-term nursing care for a parent, a spouse, or ourselves.  With the cost of such treatment approaching over $200,000 per year by 2030, it is unlikely that most of us will be able to save enough to afford choice care.

To provide care for a loved one, many families must deplete their savings, sell a family home, and, ultimately, rely on government assistance. Such circumstances may limit the healthcare options for the ailing family member and financially burden the the spouse or children. Families are often forced to choose between financial stability or substandard healthcare.

Explore the sections below to discover how long-term care insurance can help.

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mom and daughter review long term care quote and nursing home cost

Design a custom plan.

Long-term care plans allow you to customize options such as: 

  • the dollar amount of your benefit
  • how many people will be covered
  • when the benefit will begin
  • the length of time you will receive payments, and
  • the ability to adjust the benefit amount for inflation

That way, you can create a plan that is practical and affordable.

Get care on your own terms.

With a long-term care plan, you have more choices.  You can choose to receive care at:

  • a residential nursing home
  • an assisted-living facility
  • an adult daycare, or
  • right in your own home.

The freedom to select the location of your choice means you control the living environment and the standard of care.

two woman gardening because long term care insurance covers home health care
man with home health nurse using long term care state medicaid partnerships to get more benefits for disabled seniors

Get additional benefits and guarantees.

Additional benefits include:

  • a care coordination team to provide personal assistance
  • caregiver training
  • coverage for some home modifications and safety equipment
  • federal income tax deductions for premiums, and
  • state partnership programs to coordinate additional care with state agencies.

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