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Hospital & Accident Insurance

High deductibles, copays, and bills won’t scare you.  Get a plan that gives you cash and helps you stay on the move.

A sprain. A strain. A tear. A fall.  These are the most common injuries that send us to the doctor’s office or hospital.  Even with good health insurance, deductibles, copays, prescriptions, and a reduced paycheck can really hurt your wallet.  Learn how to avoid the cash crunch with a plan that’s got you covered.

Fill the gaps in your health insurance.

When money is tight, the last thing you need are unexpected medical bills from an injury.  In addition, missed time from work can make it even more difficult to make ends meet.

Fortunately, if you’re injured, a Hospital and Accident insurance plan will pay you cash that you can use to help with the costs of your medical care, apply toward household bills and groceries, or add to your personal savings.

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man dealing with bills needs insurance that pays cash
woman walking on a walker receives cash for hospital bills

Receive cash when you need it.

Any time you experience a qualifying medical service, you will receive a set cash  amount to help cover some of your expenses, in some cases, up to $2000 per day. Plan payouts are in addition to the coverage you receive from your existing health insurance. Qualifying medical services include:

  • inpatient hospital stays
  • ambulance service
  • urgent care and doctors’ office visits
  • surgery
  • and more…

Spend it how you choose.

Because hospital and accident insurance plans pay a check directly to you, you have the freedom to apply your payout toward any of your financial needs. Many people use their benefit to cover:

  • copays, deductibles, or prescription drug costs
  • household bills and debts
  • travel expenses
  • personal savings
man in hospital bed has indemnity insurance to pay bills
woman meeting doctor using hospital accident insurance to pay doctor bills

No networks or provider restrictions.

You are not limited by provider networks. You will be paid the same amount no matter which healthcare provider you choose to see.  Plus, there is no deductible to meet prior to receiving benefit payments.

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