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Short Term Medical Insurance

Get health insurance that protects you during times of transition and change.
The prospect of going without major medical insurance can be frightening. Yet, those who are self-employed, recently retired, or waiting for other benefits to begin often find themselves fearing the possibility of getting sick or hurt without adequate protection. Short-term medical plans can help.

Health insurance made simple.

Certain life events may leave you without major medical insurance.  These might include the loss of employer coverage or state benefits, early retirement, or missing an important healthplan enrollment deadline.  For whatever reason, if you find yourself without health insurance, you may want to consider a short-term medical plan.

Short term medical plans provide you with comprehensive medical coverage for a limited period of time, saving you money and allowing you to rest a little easier.

Check below to learn more about the benefits of short term medical insurance.

man laying is hospital bed protected by short term medical plan
couple dancing after selecting short term medical plan

Design a custom plan.

Short-term care plans allow you to customize options such as:

  • the term of your coverage up to less than 3 months
  • your choice of deductible as low as $1000
  • your choice of coinsurance and low as $0
That way, you can create a plan that is practical and affordable.

Enjoy a complete array of benefits.

Short term medical plans cover and variety of services including:

  • inpatient hospital stays
  • ambulance service
  • urgent care and doctors’ office visits
  • surgery
  • and more…
two woman walking staying healthy with short term health insurance
couple unloading truck after move to new area and need health insurance

Convenient care with an extensive nationwide network.

You’ll have access to a national network of over one million provider locations offering services at low negotiated rates. That means greater convenience and savings.

Plus, you won’t have to select a primary care doctor or get a referral to see a specialist.

Ready to discover the right plan for you?

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