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Disability Insurance

Whether you’re building a dream or making ends meet, you can maintain your income even if you become sick or hurt.

Most of us aren’t financially ready to retire; and, in a world where a dollar doesn’t stretch as far as it used to, your ability to work and earn an income might be your greatest asset.  That’s why anyone who works should consider insuring their earnings with disability insurance.

Paycheck Protection.

Without a regular paycheck, half of working Americans would experience financial difficulties after only one month, and almost one in four would have problems immediately.

Fortunately, securing disability insurance is fast, affordable, and easy.  Check out the sections below to learn more.


couple without disability insurance struggling with bills
woman in electric wheelchair with husband receiving disability insurance benefits

Design a custom plan.

Disability insurance plans allow you to customize options to fit your income needs. You can choose:

  • the dollar amount of your monthly benefit
  • when the benefit will begin, and
  • the length of time you will receive payments,

That way, you can create a plan that is practical and affordable.

Fast and Easy.


Your disability insurance policy is issued within days with no medical exam, doctors’ information, or financial documentation required.

businessman at work desk purchasing disability insurance
man with grandchild recuperating after injury with disability payments

Covered even if you’re self employed.

The protection is owned by you and not tied to an employer.  There are no occupation classes, rate ups, or exclusions based on your work.  Our disability insurance plans offer predictable coverage that pays your bills while you focus on your recovery.

Ready to discover the right plan for you?

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